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Ultra energy efficient, sustainable & intelligent smart home

La Rajoleria 1, Sant Pol de Mar in Spain is a unique house project built for the people who want to live efficient, comfortable and in style. The real estate company has thought about all when building this house – starting from location and ending up in how the air quality will favor the owner. Our task was to develop a multi-lingual website that describes the technical details of the building, shows the project visualisations, location, plans and more in order to help to sell this home while it’s still in building process. And we did it!


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4 months



Tell the story

The main objective we focused on during the website development process was to create an innovative way to showcase a lot of technical information about the house project. The customer’s main goal was to create a sales tool that could be used during phone conversations with prospects, allowing them to guide the customer through all the technical details in an easy and understandable manner. Through collaborative work, side by side with our customer, we managed to maintain an elegant, technical, and storytelling website, while also integrating functionality and displaying detailed information.

Create to sell

The website style and design inspiration come from the project materials and forms themselves that are used in the exact house project. It is elegant, modern, defined and bright. To develop the solution, we took care of UX/UI design, as well as front-end and back-end development. If you have a real estate project in the development process, the smart way is to start selling it while it’s still in development! Contact us for your custom solution!

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