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We will help you to turn leads into the customers with the help of sales-focused website development


Websites that attract new customers

Do you see yourself here?

Not enough existing customers

Want to launch a business

Competitors are doing better

Want to expand

Want to advertise

A website can help in business expanding

70% of the decision to make or collaborate directly with you and your company, the potential customer does by gathering all the information that is available online even before he has talked to your sales manager or called the company's info line.

This means that nowadays any entrepreneur has an important website that keeps up with business and time, addresses and attracts new customers, as well as answers on customer questions.


An custom-tailored solution for your company

Strategy based website will be your salesperson 24/7/365

We'll make sure you will receive an individual approach and a solution tailored exactly for you - a website that converts leads into customers.

✔️ we'll take a closer look to your practice how you attract the customers so far, problems and possible solutions with a website;

✔️ we'll define a website's goal and a strategy;

✔️we'll evaluate what content and functionality is needed on the website to achieve the goal;

✔️ we'll integrate the most up-to-date marketing and sales tools to determine efficiency.


Grow your business with the help of your website

Choose sales-focused website

Brandsite experience and knowledge in sales, combined with the use of modern technology in website development, will ensure that your company gets a functional and high converting website.

Sales-oriented content

Your website will guide the visitor through all sections of the website, highlight the benefits that your company can bring to a potential customer and invite them to take action (contact, apply, buy, etc.)

The design is convenient on all devices

60%-80% of your website will be visited on smartphone, so your website will be equally convenient and functional from different devices. The website will also load in a flash, be secure and transparent.

Your salesperson who works 24/7

The structure and content of your website answers the customer's questions. We will make sure that the website is in a top-notch condition, is always up-to-date and you can add or change the information in it by yourself.


A simple plan for cooperation, focused on success

What do you need to do to be one step closer to new customers?

# 1 Get in touch and let's create a solution together

During the conversation, we will evaluate your customer acquisition strategy so far, look at the tools used in digital sales and together create a strategy, what is the purpose of the website, how it could look, and work 24/7/365 to attract and retain customers.

# 2 An offer that's hard to refuse

After the conversation, we will make you a great offer for a cooperation. Once approved, we will ask you to provide all the information you want on the website. In one week, we will demonstrate the basic version of the website, where you can make corrections, improve elements and layout.

# 3 Website development and adjustments

In order for the cooperation to run smoothly, we invite you to send all comments and corrections at once. Including desired images of other visual materials. If we use your texts, check their correctness.

# 4 Start your path to success

A website is just one of the tools to attract customers. If a potential customer visit your website, 70% of customers will decide in 50 milliseconds whether to stay here longer. And then the task of the website is to guide the customer through the website to build trust, show professionalism and convert.


Your benefits

A solution created specially for your business

Excellent result in a short time

A website in a relatively short time (7-21 working days.)

Affordable & transparent pricing

An excellent solution for small and medium businesses

Generate content also yourself

Later on feel free to add or edit content also by yourself

Clear solutions for both B2B and B2C businesses

Apply for a free consultation online or come for a coffee!

Apply for a free consultation, find out the approximate price for your project or make an appointment with us in the office At a time convenient for you!

If you feel that we will be able to justify your wishes, we will be able to agree on cooperation.

✔️ During the meeting, together we will evaluate your situation, challenges in attracting customers digitally, and how to improve it with the help of the website;

✔️ we'll define a website's goal and a strategy;

✔️we'll evaluate what content and functionality is needed on the website to achieve the goal;


Companies that have chosen Brandsite

Customer success is our success



Brandsite have saved us a lot of money, headache/stress and allowed to go into this busy period of the year with a website that we are not embarrassed to share with our customers, THANK YOU!



Terēze & Roberts


Professional, warm heart, ready to listen and address. Working together, I had a feeling that there were no boundaries. We can find a result and a solution for any wish, situation. This welcoming and easy communication took us over!

Terēze & Roberts




I am super happy to receive good feedback on professional work from clients in the first days. Recommend!



Frequently asked questions

What's included in the service?

For us the most important are you, our customer. We love bespoke projects and align them to your needs. We take every project as unique and want to see you expanding your business, that’s why we offer wide range of services and create a tailored solution out of them to fit exactly your challenge. We love taking the responsibility about your website off of your shoulders, that’s why all the services available are on your request after discussing your vision:

  • Domain register and/or transfer
  • Hosting management if needed
  • Company email creation
  • Mājas lapas vizuālais noformējums
  • Bespoke design using your brand’s values using design templates
  • Most used and advanced CMS on the planet – WordPress
  • SSL Certificate
  • Website backup and update management
  • Create a high conversion content for your brand
  • Integration of Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Contact forms, Email collection tools, sticky contact popups etc.
  • Translation services if needed.
  • Attēlu optimizācija veikspējīgākam mājas lapas ātrumam
  • Digital sales campaigns on request
  • Hosting & Support on subscription
  • Documentation how to use and edit the information afterward
  • Clickable email addresses, phone numbers
  • Integrated maps
  • Pilnībā adaptīvs mājas lapas dizains

What are the development times?

No brīža, kad apstiprināsi projekta līgumu un saskaņosim galvenās vadlīnijas, saņemsim informāciju no Tevis par saturu, mājas lapas izstrāde ilgst no 7 darba dienām līdz 20 darba dienām, atkarībā no projekta specifikācijas. Lai uzzinātu, kad varam uzsākt tavas mājas lapas realizāciju, lūdzu sūti mums ziņu vai zvani. Gaidīsim!

What are the costs of my website?

Savā darbā mēs izmantojam zināšanas par digitālo pārdošanu un mārketingu, pievēršot uzmanību dizainam. Apvienojot visas šīs vērtības pārdomātā stratēģijā, mēs radām mājas lapas, kas ir arī pārdošanas rīks, kur saturs tiek izstrādāts un ievietots, lai vestu apmeklētāju cauri vietnei, pārliecinot apmeklētāju uzticēties tavam biznesam un beigās vienmēr aicināt rīkoties!

Tu iegūsi pilnīgi funkcionālo, augstas kvalitātes mājas lapu, ar individuālu dizainu par ļoti samērīgām izmaksām, ko mēs varam nodrošināt, izmantojot kvalitatīvu WordPress dizaina veidni, lai ietaupītu paša pamata programmēšanas izmaksas, savukārt, lielāko daļu laika veltītu tieši piesaistoša dizaina un satura izstrādei, kas pārvērš apmeklētāju par makstātspējīgu klientu.

Tādējādi spēj nodrošināt maziem un vidēja izmēra uzņēmumiem, radošiem zīmoliem un jauno biznesu īpašniekiem pārsteidzoša dizainu mājas lapu ar kvalitatīvu saturu, kas izmaksā mazāk un izstrāde notiek īsākā laikā. Taču rezultāts ir pielīdzināms mājas lapām, kas ir programmētas no nulles, kur izmaksas svārstās no EUR 4000 +.

Izmaksu noteikšana ir atkarīga no jūsu pieprasījuma, taču pieredze rāda, ka tās ir vidēji no EUR 400 līdz EUR 1500. Sūti savu ideju un vēlmes mums šeit.  E-komercijas vietnēm izmaksas vari noskaidrot šeit vai nosūtot pieprasījumu uz [email protected].

Do I receive a warranty and support?

By choosing to work with us, we give you our word and promise – your satisfaction is our motivator, that’s why choosing Brandsite is RISK-FREE and we take responsibility for the work we do.
You will receive:

  • 6 months warranty*
  • 3 months of free support
  • 3 revisions available
  • RISK-FREE – if you don’t like your new brand site after 3 revisions – receive your money back!

*6 months warranty – warranty works in this case if customer has not changed the information in CMS back-end panel, or the programming code.

** PS. Ja pēc pirmās lapas revīzijas rezultāts nepatiks un tu jutīsi, ka nespējam sadarboties, varēsi pilnīgi bez maksas atteikties no mūsu sadarbības.  Brandsite patur tiesības izstrādāto lapu paturēt savā īpašumā un publicēt kā ieskatu savā portfolio ar Tava uzņēmuma vizuālo identitāti. 30% no līguma summas jāapmaksā pēc tavas jaunās mājaslapas pirmās revīzijas, ja ar rezultātu esi apmierināts un vēlies pabeigt projektu līdz galam. Pārējie 70% no līguma summas jāapmaksā 7 kalendārās dienas pēc lapas publicēšanas datuma.

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